Rubber Wear Liners protect classification cyclone equipment from wet slurry

Abrasive wet slurry discharged from hydro cyclones at high velocity and flow rates can cause extreme wear and damage to overflow and underflow launder surfaces.

Classifying Hydroclones are a high-throughput gravity separation device used in mineral processing for separating slurry particles based on particle weight.   Cyclones utilize a vortex effect for separation and process ore as a fast moving, often highly abrasive wet slurry.  This slurry is then discharged from hydroclones at high velocity into overflow and underflow launders, subjecting them to extreme wear.  This can damage steel surfaces of the launders potentially causing unwanted downtime and loss of production or possibly dangerous and wasteful spillage.

Regline PP Rubber Plates will protect launders from high flow wet slurry abrasion and can be replaced on site quickly and easily when worn.

Wear protection linings are critical in cyclone equipment to protect them from abrasion.  Rubber lining of cyclones and launders is a typical solution due to its wear resistance to the wet slurry and flexibility for application to complex equipment parts.  Utilising bolt in Rubber Wear liners in equipment such as launders is an ideal solution to offer a high level of wear protection.  It also allows for the liners to be easily installed on site and then quickly replaced when worn.

Reglin offer Regline PP Rubber Plates as a complete wear protection lining system for your equipment.  They are custom cut and can be rolled to suit any specific launder design ready for mechanical fastening.

Premium wear resistant rubber

Regline PP Rubber Wear Plates are made from a highly elastic premium wear resistant 60 Duro rubber compound.  They will display excellent resistance to high flow and high velocity wet slurry abrasion.

Modular System design to maximize liner life

Reglin can design and manufacture a modular rubber liner system to suit your specific launder or equipment.  Launders are often subjected to uneven wear rates with some sections being worn and damaged at a faster rate. The modular design allows for easy replacement of specific liners, letting you change out only worn liners, minimising expensive production downtime.

Mechanically fastened liners for quick and easy change-outs

Regline PP Rubber Wear Plates are designed for mechanical fastening into launders using a through bolt system.  This system allows them to be quickly and easily changed out with the launder still in situ, allowing for replacement of worn liners during scheduled maintenance shutdowns without removing the equipment from site.