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    Ceramic tiles lined mill feed box for extreme wear protection
    Neoprene rubber strips on steel beam joists


    Customised and Long Term Results

    We have extensive product knowledge and application experience, offering expert product solutions, to meet all our customer’s needs, whether you are a global player or small family venture. We are committed to exceeding our customer expectations and to providing long-term solutions, which result in the development of trusted business partnerships.

    We offer a range of technical services to ensure our customers get the right product for their applications including:

    • Sealing gasket material selection
    • Compliance with a range of Australian, ISO and ASTM standards
    • Wear and corrosion protection liner selection
    • or Simply general advice on the suitability of ruvver products for your application.

    These solutions can be provided by:

    • A simple phone call to discuss your application
    • Specification and drawing reviews
    • or A site visit for equipment and application audit/s fir investment evaluation

    We always look to ensure the suitability and longevity of our products to give our customers the right result.

    Global operation & logistics service


    Reliable Service and Supply

    Our experience, product knowledge and resources enables us to make things happen for our customers. Whether you are a small family venture or a global player, we can deliver locally or to countries all over the world. If it is an urgent breakdown, regular supply need or just a one off order, you can rely on our professional personal service and quality products.

    We offer a range of personalised services to ensure that our customers receive the product they want, when they want it. When you call Reglin you are able to talk to someone who has extensive product knowledge and will assist you immediately. If it is for product suitability, stock holding, pricing or requirement of an urgent order, you will always be able to speak to a reliable, versatile team member who will ensure your order is accounted for and despatched promptly.

    We also offer comprehensive logistics services including, professional packaging for product protection and transport requirements. We also have established an extensive network of transport partners for shipping locally and globally including; overnight airfreight, small parcels, general road and rail freight or LCL and FCL export shipments.

    We have a commitment to exceed our customer expectations and provide long term solutions, resulting in a trusted business partnership with all our customers.

    Engineered & custom cut sheet rubber
    Bulk Inventory & Custom Rubber Products


    Comprehensive Range and Custom Design

    We have a comprehensive product range and vast stock holding meaning we always have the right product for our customer needs and can supply on time. Our experience allows us to custom design, engineer and manufacture products to meet our customer’s requirements each and every time.

    We offer a range of manufacturing services to warrant that our customers get the appropriate product for your application including:

    • Cutting of strips
    • Cutting of pads
    • Cutting of gaskets
    • Manufacturing of curtains and seals
    • Cutting and fabrication of rubber and composite ceramic wear liners
    • Manufacturing of rubber mouldings and extrusions
    • or Manufacturing of custom components and fabrications

    These can all be provided with quick lead times and can be supplied to meet our customer specifications and drawings or custom designed to meet application requirements.