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    EPDM Rubber Sheeting

    Heat and weather resistant EPDM Rubber Sheeting.

    Reglin EPDM Rubber Sheeting is a durable solution for a wide range of sealing, insulating, isolation and protection applications.  EPDM Rubber is completely UV stabilised making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions and is ideal for long term outdoor applications.

    Reglin rubber stocks a comprehensive range of EPDM rubber sheeting for a wide range of applications.  The specially formulated premium 100% EPDM rubber compound delivers high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance to acids and alkali’s.  EPDM is resistant to hot water and steam and can also be submerged in fresh or seawater without deteriorating.

    Reglin EPDM Sheeting is stocked in standard rolls and can be custom cut to meet require specifications.  It can be be supplied in cut lengths strips, pads and a wide variety of cut shapes and gaskets.