Sheet Rubber, Sponge & Rubberised Cork

Versatile premium natural and synthetic rubber and sponge sheeting

Reglin Rubber’s sheeting products are a cost effective, versatile and durable solution for a wide range of sealing, insulating, isolating and protection applications.  The highly elastic properties of rubber gives our sheeting products a unique level of flexibility and compress-ability as well as excellent bearing capabilities.

High quality products

Reglin is a market leading supplier of high-quality rubber sheeting products.  Our sheeting displays an extensive array of properties for a wide range of applications.  These comprise of excellent physical properties including mechanical strength and wear resistance as well as superior resistance to a wide range of service conditions.

Comprehensive range

Reglin has a unique and comprehensive range of rubber, sponge and rubberised cork sheeting products.  With our vast stock holding, we pride ourselves on having the right product for our customers needs and the ability to supply on time.

Cutting and fabrication services

Reglin can supply custom made components from our range of stocked sheeting products.  We have the ability to cut and fabricate finished components locally with short lead times.  We can supply cut lengths, strips, pads and a variety of custom cut profiles to suit your application requirements.