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    Conveyor Skirting

    Premium long-lasting rubber and polyurethane conveyor skirting

    Reglin conveyor skirting is a durable solution for a wide range of Conveyor system sealing applications.  Conveyor skirting is versatile and can be installed on any standard conveyor system skirt-board arrangement.  It is designed to seal from the skirt-board to the conveyor belt to stop material and dust spilling out of the conveyor system.

    Reglin Rubber stocks a comprehensive range of rubber and polyurethane skirting.  Our range of specially designed compounds gives us the flexibility to supply the right skirting for any application.   These include natural rubber compounds from economical Natural 60 Skirting rubber up to our premium wear and tear resistant Soft 40 and SAR 60 skirting rubber. We can also supply a range of synthetic compounds with properties including fire, heat, chemical and oil resistance.  Polyurethane skirting is also available for applications which require an extremely tough skirting without the flexibility required to seal against the conveyor belt.

    Rubber conveyor skirting is stocked in rolls as well as standard width strips.   We can also supply custom cut rubber skirt strips at any width and length or profiled to suit specific conveyor system set-ups, including holes, slots and bevels.  Polyurethane conveyor skirting is stocked in standard width strips or can be custom moulded to specific shapes.


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