Mill Backing Lining Rubber

Mill Backing Lining Rubber is a superior grade wear resistant 60 Duro rubber lining with a buffed back.


Mill Backing Lining Rubber is made from a premium rubber compound and will display moderate resistance to sliding abrasion and impact.

Mill Backing has good physical properties including cut and tear resistance.  It will also display resistance to some mild chemicals, including acids and alkalis used in mineral processing.   It has good ozone/UV resistance making it suitable for outdoor use.

Mill Backing features a pre-buffed finish on one side to assist with adhesion when bonded to steel or rubber surfaces. It can be bonded using a wide range of Neoprene based rubber adhesives.



Mill Backing Lining Rubber has been designed primarily for use as a wear and corrosion protection lining system. 

It is designed specifically to be used as a back lining behind liner plates in Mills in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries.  It is bonded to the back of the liners or to the mill shell itself to create a sealing layer between the steel surfaces, protecting them from wear and corrosion.

Mill Backing Lining rubber can also be used for any application which requires a moderately wear and impact resistant rubber.


Specific gravity1.25ASTM D297
Hardness65° ± 5° Shore AASTM D2240
Tensile Strength10 MPa (min)ASTM D412
Elongation @ Break300% (min)ASTM D412
Abrasion180mm³ (max) @ 10NASTM D5963
Temperature Range-20°C to + 70°C
Tear Strength30 N/mm (min)ASTM D624


Mill Backing Lining Rubber can also be supplied in cut lengths, strips, pads and a wide variety of custom cut shapes and gaskets to suit your application requirements.

MB061200Mill Backing Rubber With Buffed Back 6mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)9.7 kgs