Anti-slip Load Matting

Durable, non slip rubber mat designed for high friction

Reglin’s anti-slip rubber Load Matting is an ideal solution to improve friction levels between vehicles and their loads.  Its durability and non-slip surface make it suitable for a wide range of load restraint applications.

Non Slip Matting Roll

Reglin’s anti-slip rubber Load Matting will prevent loads from slipping and shifting during transport.  When used correctly between vehicles and cargo, it offers increased friction levels and allows for effective load restraint.

Independently tested and certified

Reglin Rubber Load Matting has been independently tested and certified for its friction properties.  It achieves the required coefficient of friction of 0.6 against a smooth steel surface in both wet and dry condition as specified by the NTC.

Custom cut strips and pads

Reglin stock rubber Load Mat in a range of standard thicknesses and roll sizes.  We can also supply Load Matting in cut lengths or custom cut strips and pads to suit your vehicle or specific cargo.