TAC 250 Cold Bonding Adhesive

TAC 250 Cold Bonding Adhesive is a two-part Neoprene based rubber bonding cement. 


TAC 250 Cold Bonding Adhesive is a premium bonding cement made up of TAC 250 Adhesive and its specifically designed activator Irodur E462. TAC 250 is free from chlorinated solvents.

TAC 250 will achieve excellent adhesion when bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to steel and rubber to fabric.

TAC 250 displays a good initial bond strength and a durable long-term adhesion level under severe loading in service.  It will also display resistance to water and some mild chemicals, including acids and alkalis used in mineral processing.


TAC 250 Cold Vulcanising Adhesive system has been designed primarily for use as a bonding cement for wear and corrosion protection linings.

It is designed specifically for bonding rubber to a range of substrates including metal, fabric or other rubber surfaces.

It is predominantly used in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries, typically as a bonding system for the following applications:

  • Rubber lining
  • Rubber backed ceramic lining
  • Pulley lagging

TAC 250 can also be used universally for a range of other general bonding applications.


Polymer BaseCR
Temperature Range-25°C to 80°C


GLTAC250020TAC 250 Cold Bonding Adhesive 20L19 kgs
GLTACDESIrodur E462 Hardener 800G - To Suit TAC250 20L0.92 kgs