Recycled Rubber Matting

Recycled Rubber Matting is a recycled anti-slip rubber mat with a textured finish. 


Recycled Rubber Matting is an Australian made product. It is manufactured from recycled SBR rubber crumb bound together with polyurethane.

Recycled Rubber Matting has a high co efficient of friction giving it excellent Anti-slip properties.

Recycled Mat has a textured finish on both sides which makes it non-slip in both wet and dry conditions.


Recycled Rubber Matting has been designed primarily for use as an economical anti-slip mat. 

It is typically used to protect surfaces and to create a non-slip finish.

Recycled Rubber Matting can be used in any application which requires a non-slip rubber mat.


Polymer SBR Crumb / PU
Colour Black
Density 850 kg/m³
Coefficient of Friction (Kinetic)>0.6ASTM D1894-11 (modified)
Temperature Range -25°C to +80°C


Reglin stock Recycled Rubber Matting in a range of standard thicknesses and roll sizes.   It can also be supplied in cut lengths, strips and pads to suit your application requirements.

AS06Load Mat 850 6mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)6.1 kgs
AS09Load Mat 850 9mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)9.2 kgs
AS12Load Mat 850 12mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)12.3 kgs