Conti Secur® BFA Cold Bonding Adhesive

Conti Secur® BFA is a two-part Chloroprene based rubber bonding cement.


Conti Secur® BFA Cold Bonding Adhesive is a premium two component adhesive system made up of Conti Secur BFA and Conti Activator RE designed for cold bonding applications.

Conti Secur® will achieve excellent adhesion when bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to steel and rubber to fabric.

Conti Secur® displays an excellent initial bond strength and a durable long-term adhesion level under severe loading in service.  It will also display resistance to water and some mild chemicals, including acids and alkalis used in mineral processing.


Conti Secur® BFA Cold Bonding Adhesive has been designed primarily for use as a bonding cement for linings and conveyor splicing and repairs.

It is designed specifically for bonding rubber to a range of substrates including metal, fabric or other rubber surfaces.

It is predominantly used in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries, typically as a bonding system for the following applications.

  • Rubber lining
  • Rubber backed ceramic lining
  • Pulley lagging
  • Conveyor sidewall and T-cleat application
  • Cold splicing of rubber conveyor belts
  • Cold repairs of rubber conveyor belts
  • Application of repair band and patches

Conti Secur® can also be used universally for a range of other general bonding applications.


Density0.86g / cm³
Pot LifeApprox. 3h at room temperature
Mixing ratio5 weight.-% Hardener RE
Shelf LifeAt least 24 months at room temperature after date of production
Temperature Range50°C for short term up to max 90°C

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Reglin stock Conti Secur® BFA Cold Bonding Adhesive.

GLCSBFA08Conti Secur® BFA Cold Bonding Adhesive 0.8L Tin0.81 kgs
GLCSHRE04RE Hardener 0.04L to suit Conti Secur® BFA 0.8L Tin0.11 kgs