Ceramic Wear Liners

Extreme abrasion resistant composite ceramic liners

Cera-Wear Ceramic Wear Liners are a versatile and highly durable solution to protect your Mining and Quarrying equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion and extreme abrasion forces.  Ceramic wear liners composite design gives them the unique advantage of offering superior wear resistance to highly abrasive materials at high flow rates and speed, whilst also offering moderate impact resistance.

Engineered wear protection  

Reglin Rubber designs and manufactures custom engineered ceramic lining systems for a wide range of wear protection applications.  Cera-wear ceramic wear liners will maximize wear life, reducing downtime and increasing reliability for your equipment.

Composite rubber and ceramic

Cera-wear liners combination of highly abrasion resistant alumina ceramic tiles embedded within a flexible and impact resistant rubber delivers the highest level of resistance to sliding abrasion and small particle impact.

Custom made ceramic liners

Cera-wear ceramic wear liners are stocked in standard panels. Liners can also be custom made to any profile and supplied as per specifications and drawings or  designed as a wear lining system to suit your equipment and application.