Endurance Rubber Tailgate Ramp Mats

Reglin Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats are a profiled rubber matting designed for equine and livestock.


Reglin Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats are made from a premium synthetic rubber compound and will display good physical properties including wear and impact resistance.

Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats features a sawtooth and ribbed profile finish on their top surface to allow grip on inclining or declining gradients.  This design also ensures they are non-slip in both wet and dry conditions.  They also have a textured finish on the underside to allow for easy bonding to substrates.

Premium Grade Livestock Rubber Tailgate Ramp Mats


Reglin Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats have been designed primarily for use as a non-slip rubber flooring for horses and cattle.

They are typically used to create an anti-slip surface for animals on ramps of transport vehicles but can also be used on any area which has a steep incline or decline.

Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats have been specifically designed for use in equine and livestock applications.

They are durable and suitable for use in high traffic areas with a steep inclining or declining surface, including:

  • Horse floats
  • Cattle transport trucks
  • Loading and unloading ramps
  • Equine swimming pool entries


Specific Gravity1.5ASTM D297
Hardness65° ± 5° Shore AASTM D2240
Tensile Strength3.0 MPa (min)ASTM D412
Elongation @ Break200% (min)ASTM D412
Temperature Range-0°C to +65°C


Reglin Stock Endurance rubber tailgate ramp mats in a range of standard sizes with specific profiles.  They can be supplied custom cut to suit your vehicle or area.

TGM1224Endurance Rubber Tailgate Ramp Mat 1200mm x 2400mm with High Rib42 kgs
TGM1517Endurance Rubber Tailgate Ramp Mat 1550mm x 1750mm with Low Rib33 kgs