Electrical Safety Matting

Non-slip electrically insulating rubber matting

Reglin Electrical Safety Matting is an ideal solution to help protect personnel working on electrical installations from receiving a dangerous electric shock. Its durable and non-slip design makes it ideal for use as a floor covering in high traffic areas.

Safe and Reliable

Reglin Electrical Safety matting is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Comprehensive internal testing is performed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure all electrical matting meets test requirements, offering you safety and reliability.

Australian standard conformance

In 2020 AS/NZS IEC61111:2020, Live working – Electrical insulating matting was released to supersede AS/NZS 2978:1995, Insulating mats for electrical purposes. This standard is identical to the global IEC standard IEC 61111:2009 and now specifies requirements for electrical insulating matting in Australia.

Selecting the right product

Reglin Electrical Safety Matting is tested and conforms to AS/NZS IEC 61111:2020 Live working – Electrical insulating mats. To select the right class of matting for your application you need to ensure the designated maximum use voltage of the matting exceeds the normal voltage of the energised system.