Silicone Sponge Sheet

Reglin Silicone Sponge is a premium grade heat and weather resistant closed cell Silicone sponge sheet.


Reglin Silicone Sponge Sheet is made from an expanded premium Silicone compound and will display very high temperature resistance.  It is closed cell enabling it to create an easily compressible air and watertight seal.

Silicone Sponge has excellent ozone/UV resistance making it weather resistant and suitable for prolonged outdoor use.  It has good physical properties and will maintain its flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Silicone sponge exhibits low thermal and electrical conductivity. This makes it suitable for critical electrical and electronic insulating and isolating applications.


Reglin Silicone Sponge has been designed primarily for use as a compressible strip, pad, gasket or lining. 

It is typically used for sealing or insulating in long term applications.

Silicone Sponge is suitable for long term use with exposure to high temperatures.  It is also suitable for a range of applications in outdoor environments with UV exposure.

Silicone Sponge is used across a wide range of industries.  Its properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications including.

  • Electronic and Electrical equipment Gaskets
  • Compressible Seals
  • Insulation barriers
  • Expansion joints
  • Lightning fixture seals
  • Cushioning pads
  • Variety of sealing applications


Density250 kg/m³BSENISO 845
Tensile Strength600 kPaBSENISO 1798
Elongation @ Break145% (min)BSENISO 1798
Temperature Range-60°C to +200°C (continuous)
-60°C to +250°C (intermittent)
Compression Set 50% Compression 24hrs recovery
22hrs @ 70°C
22hrs @ 100°C

Ozone Resistance
100hrs @ 50pphm, 40°C
No CrackingKSM 6518:2006
Compression Stress90 kPa @ 40% strainBSENISO 3386
Thermal Conductivity6.4 x 10-² W .m-¹ .K-¹BS 874 PART 2


Reglin stock Silicone Sponge Sheet in a range of standard thicknesses and roll sizes.   It can also be supplied in cut lengths, strips, pads and a wide variety of custom cut shapes and gaskets to suit your application requirements.

Silicone Sponge can also be supplied in 16mm, 20mm and 25mm thicknesses in sheets 600mm x 1000mm. Lead times will apply to these products.

SILSP01.5Silicone Sponge Sheet 1.5mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)1.08 kgs
SILSP03Silicone Sponge Sheet 3mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)1.45 kgs
SILSP05Silicone Sponge Sheet 5mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)1.95 kgs
SILSP06Silicone Sponge Sheet 6mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)2.2 kgs
SILSP10Silicone Sponge Sheet 10mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)3.2 kgs
SILSP12Silicone Sponge Sheet 12mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)3.7 kgs