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    Rubber Wear Liners

    High performance premium abrasion & high impact resistant rubber wear liners

    Regline Rubber Wear liners offer protection and are a cost effective, versatile and durable solution to safeguard your equipment from the damaging effects of abrasion and high impact forces of ore Mining,

    Mineral Processing and Quarrying Equipment often requires heavy maintenance and repair when not protected properly from these damaging effects. The Regline premium rubber compound delivers superior resistance to impact, cutting, tearing and sliding abrasion wear.

    Reglin Rubber designs and custom manufactures engineered rubber wear lining systems for a wide range of wear protection applications. Rubber liners can be supplied custom engineered to required specifications to suit your equipment, with either vulcanised steel backing for mechanical fastening in extreme high impact applications or with Aluminium T-tracks for moderate impact applications.

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