Pulley Lagging

Hard wearing rubber and composite ceramic conveyor pulley lagging

Reglin Pulley Lagging is a durable and versatile solution for a wide range of conveyor pulley lining applications, improving the surface friction of the pulley and increasing its wear life.  Pulley lagging will increase grip to the conveyor belt, reducing belt slippage and increasing conveyor system efficiency.

Superior wear and corrosion protection

Reglin supplies a complete range of rubber Pulley Lagging systems for both drive and non-drive pulleys. Reg-Lag Pulley Lagging is available in a range of profiles and features our premium rubber compounds for superior wear and corrosion protection of your pulley.

Maximised grip with composite ceramic

Cera-Grip Ceramic pulley laggings combination of highly abrasion resistant alumina ceramic tiles embedded within rubber delivers the highest level of wear protection for your pulley.  The dimple profiled ceramic tiles ensure maximum grip to the conveyor belt in drive applications

Reglin CN bonding Layer 

Reglin Pulley Lagging features our specially formulated Neoprene based CN Bonding layer which is activated by cold vulcanising adhesives. This chemical reaction between adhesive and CN bonding layer ensures ultimate adhesion to the pulley surface.