Conveyor Belt Repair Materials

Reglin Conveyor Belt Repair materials are rubber strips and patches with a CN bonding layer designed to repair damaged conveyor belts.


Reglin Conveyor Belt Repair Materials are made from a highly elastic premium rubber compound and will display excellent resistance to sliding abrasion and large particle impact and gouging.

Reglin Repair Materials have a feathered edge to allow them to completely merge with the conveyor belt cover.  This ensures there are no catch points on the repair and reduces the risk of having repairs damaged during operation.

Repair Materials can be supplied plain or with a heavy nylon reinforcement for maximum tear strength and puncture resistance.

Reglin Repair Materials feature a specially formulated Neoprene based CN bonding layer to achieve ultimate adhesion when bonded to rubber surfaces. The CN bonding layer is compatible with a wide range of Neoprene based rubber adhesives and allows for good bond strength to be achieved even in adverse conditions encountered on site.


Reglin Conveyor Belt Repair Materials have been designed primarily for use as a conveyor belt repair system.

They are designed to be cold bonded to the rubber covers of conveyor belts that have been worn or damaged in service.

Repair materials are typically used on conveyors in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries. They are designed for use on site without removing the belt from the conveyor system.  They are quick and easy to install and are bonded to the belt using specifically designed cold vulcanizing adhesives.

Repair materials can also be used for reinforcing joins on loading socks, transfer sleeves and impact curtains or any application where rubber is bonded together or needs to be repaired.


ColourBlack with Green Bonding Layer
Reinforcement (if reinforced)PN125
Temperature Range-20°C to 80°C


Reglin Stock Conveyor Belt Repair Materials in a range of standard band and patch sizes.


RMRB050Repair Band 50mm x 10 Mtr Roll1.2 kgs
RMRB070Repair Band 70mm x 10 Mtr Roll1.7 kgs
RMRB100Repair Band 100mm x 10 Mtr Roll2.7 kgs
RMRB100RRepair Band with Fabric Reinforcement 100mm x 10 Mtr Roll3.3 kgs
RMRB150Repair Band 150mm x 10 Mtr Roll4.5 kgs
RMRB150RRepair Band with Fabric Reinforcement 150mm x 10 Mtr Roll5.4 kgs
RMRB220Repair Band 220mm x 10 Mtr Roll9.2 kgs
RMRB220RRepair Band with Fabric Reinforcement 220mm x 10 Mtr Roll10.5 kgs
RMRB300Repair Band 300mm x 10 Mtr Roll11.7 kgs
RMRB300RRepair Band with Fabric Reinforcement 300mm x 10 Mtr Roll14 kgs
RMRB400Repair Band 400mm x 10 Mtr Roll16 kgs
RMRB400RRepair Band with Fabric Reinforcement 400mm x 10 Mtr Roll19 kgs


RMRP01Repair Patch #1 135mm x 160mm (5 each per pack)0.05 kgs
RMRP01RRepair Patch with Fabric Reinforcement #1 135mm x 160mm (5 each per pack)0.05 kgs
RMRP02Repair Patch #2 200mm x 260mm (5 each per pack)0.1 kgs
RMRP02RRepair Patch with Fabric Reinforcement #2 200mm x 260mm (5 each per pack)0.1 kgs
RMRP03Repair Patch #3 270mm x 360mm (5 each per pack)0.2 kgs
RMRP03RRepair Patch with Fabric Reinforcement #3 270mm x 360mm (5 each per pack)0.2 kgs