Bostik 9300 Rubber Primer

Bostik 9300 is a two part halogenation primer designed to enhance rubber bonding strength in joining and rubber lining applications.


Bostik 9300 rubber primer is made from a mixture of a liquid Part A and granular Part B.

Once mixed it acts as a powerful adhesion promoter, enhancing the bond between rubber surfaces and cold bonding adhesives. This ensures robust and reliable joints in rubber lining installations, minimising the risk of delamination and ensuring structural integrity over time.

Designed for compatibility with a wide range of rubber compounds and adhesives, Bostik 9300 provides versatility in bonding applications. Whether you’re working with natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or specialty compounds, this primer ensures consistent and strong adhesion across various surfaces.

Featuring a user-friendly application process, Bostik 9300 simplifies the priming step. Its fast-drying formulation allows for efficient application and quick turnaround times, reducing project timelines and optimising productivity.


Bostik 9300 is a premium primer specifically designed to prepare rubber surfaces for superior adhesion and long-lasting performance.

It is designed primarily to prepare buffed rubber surfaces before the application of cold bonding adhesives.


GLBOS9300ABBostik 9300 Primer Kit (Includes 5LT Part A + 100G Part B)5 kgs