Chemlok 205 Metal Primer

Chemlok 205 metal primer is a solvent based substrate primer. 


Chemlok 205 is made from a mixture of polymers, organic compounds and mineral fillers dissolved and dispersed in an organic solvent system.

It is a specifically designed easy to apply single component metal primer.

Chemlok 205 can be applied by brush, dip, spray or roll coat method.


Chemlok 205 Metal primer has been designed primarily for use as a substrate primer.

It is designed primarily to prepare steel and other surfaces before the application of adhesive.

Chemlok 205 is suitable for use in applications which require both hot and cold vulcanizing of rubber and ceramic linings to a substrate.  It is critical to ensure correct priming of surfaces before adhesives can be applied


Colour Dark grey
Density 920-970 kg/m³
Solids content by weight22-26%


GLCL20503.5Chemlok 205 Metal primer Tin 3.56kg 3.85 kgs
GLCL20517.8Chemlok 205 Metal primer Drum 17.8kg20 kgs