Plastic Wear Liners

Versatile abrasion resistant and flow promoting plastic liners

Reg-Slide Plastic Wear Liners are a cost effective, versatile and durable solution to protect your equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion and abrasion forces.  Plastic wear liners low friction properties give them the unique advantage of offering superior wear resistance whilst reducing the build-up of sticky materials.

Engineered wear protection

Reglin Rubber designs and manufactures custom engineered plastic lining systems for a wide range of wear protection and flow promotion applications.  Reg-slide plastic wear liners will maximize wear life, reducing downtime and increasing reliability for your equipment.

Flow promotion 

Reg-Slide Plastic Wear Liners feature a low surface friction coefficient.  This gives them excellent anti-cake properties which stops material from sticking to them and building up.  Reg-slide plastic wear liners will improve flow, reducing downtime for cleaning and increasing efficiency of your equipment.

Custom made Polyurethane 

Reglin can supply a wide range of custom-made polyurethane products in Australia with short lead times. Polyurethane is made-to-order and can be supplied in sheets or any shape or profile. Read More.