Stud Matting

Stud Matting is a rubber mat with a snake skin studded profile surface finish. 


Reglin Stud Matting is made from a blended Natural rubber compound.

It has moderate physical properties including mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.


Stud Matting features an anti-slip snake skin studded profile on the top surface.


Reglin Stud Matting has been designed primarily for use as a general-purpose rubber mat.

It is typically used to protect surfaces and create a non-slip finish.

Stud Matting can be used in any application which requires a non-slip rubber mat.


Polymer SBR
Colour Black
Specific Gravity1.5ASTM D297
Hardness65° ± 5° Shore AASTM D2240
Tensile Strength3.5 MPa (min)ASTM D412
Elongation @ Break250% (min)ASTM D412
Temperature Range 0°C to +65°C


Reglin stock Stud Matting in a range of standard thicknesses and roll sizes.

STSS31000Snake Skin Stud Matting 3mm x 1000mm (10 L/M Rolls)4.2 kgs
STSS31200Snake Skin Stud Matting 3mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)5.4 kgs
STSS31500Snake Skin Stud Matting 3mm x 1500mm (10 L/M Rolls)6.8 kgs
STSS41200Snake Skin Stud Matting 4.5mm x 1200mm (10 L/M Rolls)8.1 kgs
STSS41500Snake Skin Stud Matting 4.5mm x 1500mm (10 L/M Rolls)9.5 kgs