FRAS Rubber Sheeting

Reglin stocks a wide range of high quality FRAS Rubber Sheeting

Reglin FRAS Rubber Sheeting is an ideal solution for a wide range of critical sealing, insulation, isolation and protection applications. FRAS Rubber is certified Fire-Resistant and Anti-Static and is suitable for applications in underground mining and where fire potential is a high risk.

Safe and Reliable

Reglin FRAS Rubber Sheeting is manufactured to the highest quality standards.  Comprehensive internal testing is performed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure all sheeting meets test requirements, offering you safety and reliability.

MDG 3608 Conformance

MDG 3608 specifies the testing requirements rubber products must conform to for use in underground coal mines. This is the most widely used standard in Australia for FRAS evaluation.  Reglin FRAS Rubber Sheeting products are independently tested and certified to meet MDG 3608.

Cut and fabricated components

Reglin stock FRAS rubber sheet in a range of standard thicknesses and roll sizes.  We can also supply FRAS in cut lengths, strips, pads and a wide variety of custom cut profiles or fabricated items to suit application requirements.