THA-3000 Viton Adhesive

THA 3000 Viton Adhesive system is a two-part fluoroelastomer based rubber bonding cement.


Reglin THA 3000 Viton adhesive system is a premium bonding cement made up of THA 3000 Adhesive and its specifically designed accelerator.

THA 3000 Viton adhesive system will achieve excellent adhesion when bonding Viton rubber to Viton rubber, Viton rubber to steel and Viton to fabric.

THA 3000 displays excellent long-term adhesion levels in service.  It will display very high temperature and exceptional resistance to a broad range of chemicals and aggressive acids.

THA 3000 exhibits excellent resistance to oil and petroleum-based products including a diverse range of fuels, greases, solvents and hydraulic fluids.  It is also resistant to mineral acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.


THA 3000 Viton Adhesive system has been designed primarily for use as a bonding cement for fluoroelastomers.

It is designed specifically for bonding Viton rubber to a range of substrates including metal, fabric or other Viton surfaces.

It is predominantly used in the Mineral processing, Power generation, and Oil and gas industries, typically as a bonding system for the following critical applications.

  • Viton lining
  • Viton extrusion and cord joining
  • Flexible joint manufacture and repair
  • Bunded area expansion joint priming

THA 3000 can also be used for a range of other high temperature or chemical resistant bonding and coating applications.


Polymer BaseFKM
ColourDark Grey
Temperature Range-28°C to 232°C


GLFTHA3000475THA-3000 2 Component Viton Adhesive 475ml can (C/W Accelerator)0.6 kgs