Load bearing rubber isolation strips create flexible construction joints

Rigid construction joints increase stress and potential for structural damage

Many building materials used in the construction industry for structural framing, such as concrete, steel and timber are very unyielding.  Rigid joints are often created between these materials when inflexible fixings and fasteners such as bolts, screws or nails are used to connect to these surfaces.

Reglin rubber bearing pads and strips will isolate rigid building materials to create flexible construction joints.

Installing rubber bearing strips or pads between rigid structural building materials can convert a rigid construction joint into a sealed, flexible joint allowing for movement from loads and external forces.

Reglin rubber strips and pads are highly elastic and will perform as a flexible insulating layer between rigid building materials. This allows for controlled movement between the two different building materials when they are fastened together.

The compressibility of the rubber also assists in eliminating variations in surface finishes of rigid materials.  Rubber will act as a bearing pad to increase contact area in the joint and ensure loads are evenly distributed over the entire design surface area.  It will also create a seal between them preventing noise transmission and potential damage from environmental conditions such as moisture, humidity and heat.

Reglin premium grade rubber strips and pads feature properties to ensure they are a long-lasting solution for construction joints. 

High flexibility and bearing strength

Reglin Premium rubber products are an ideal solution for use as bearing strips and pads due their high flexibility and bearing capability combined with excellent physical strength and elastic properties.

Durability for long design life

Reglin premium rubber products are extremely durable.  Rubber compounds can display varying physical properties and resistances.  It is critical when selecting a rubber product that these properties and resistances align with the requirements of your construction joints.

Reglin offers reliable rubber solutions for long lasting performance in construction applications.

Selecting the right type of rubber bearing pad or strip for your application is critical

When selecting rubber materials for construction, there are important factors and criteria to take into consideration to ensure products meet their required design life. These include durability, compressibility, bearing capability and resistance to weather exposure and/or chemicals and oils.  Please contact us for more information about the suitability of our rubber compounds for your specific application.