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    THA-3000 Viton Adhesive


    THA-3000 Viton Adhesive is a high performance, corrosion resistant Viton based fluoroelastomer cement designed for cold bonding Viton rubber.

    THA -3000 Viton Adhesive has very high temperature and chemical resistance, to acids and alkalis. It is also a viable choice for resistance to petroleum based oil and fuel including petrol, diesel and LPG. It is also resistant to mineral acids and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

    It is specifically designed for bonding Viton rubber to Viton rubber or metal surfaces in critical and harsh corrosive environments for sealing and corrosion protection where other adhesives may fail. This Viton bonding system is extremely flexible and allows good bond strength to be achieved even in adverse conditions, often encountered when the application is occurring on site on operational equipment.

    Technical Information

    Colour Black
    Shelf Life 1 years
    Temperature Range -28°C to +232°C

    Available Sizes

    STANDARD TIN 475ml, 950ml


    THA 3000 Viton adhesive-Premium


    THA-3000 Viton Adhesive has been designed primarily for the bonding of Viton rubber to other Viton rubber or steel surfaces when being used as a flexible strip, pad, lining, gasket or expansion joint. It is mainly used for corrosion and high temperature applications such as chemical storage, transfer and processing but can be used for a wide range of applications including:

    • Bonding Viton for the lining of pipes and tanks
    • Splicing FKM cord into o-rings
    • Bonding oven door seals
    • Cold Splicing Viton rubber expansion joints
    • Variety of high temperature bonding applications