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    Silicone Rubber Cord & Tube


    Reglin Silicone Rubber Cord/Tube is a premium grade, non-toxic and inert Silicone Rubber extrusion, which has very high temperature resistance and is completely UV stable, making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions. Silicone rubber has good physical properties and will
    maintain its flexibility over a wide temperature range.

    Reglin Silicone Rubber Cord/Tube is post cured, FDA compliant per 21 CFR 177.2600, making it approved for repeated and long term contact with food, making it suitable for sensitive and critical high temperature sealing and protection applications.

    Silicone rubber Cord/Tube has low thermal and electrical conductivity and high dielectric strength making it suitable for critical electrical and electronic insulating and isolating applications

    Technical Information

    Polymer Silicone
    Colour Available Red, White, Translucent, Blue, Black
    Hardness 25 – 80° +/- 5° Shore A ASTM D2240
    Temperature Range -60°C to +200°C (continuous)
    Temperature Range -60°C to +250°C (intermittent)

    Available Sizes

    STANDARD PROFILE Silicone Rubber Cord can be supplied custom extruded in sizes from 2mm - 80mm OD.
    Silicone Rubber Tube can be supplied custom extruded in sizes from 5mm - 80mm OD.
    STANDARD ROLL LENGTH Roll lengths can be supplied as required
    JOINED GASKETS Continuous gaskets can be supplied in any profile and endless length. These are cut to size and joined using a special vulcanisation process to ensure the highest integrity join.
    Silicone Rubber Strip – Food Grade heat resistant Extrusion


    Reglin Silicone Rubber Cord/Tube has been designed primarily for use as a flexible strip, seal or gasket and is mainly used for Sealing, Insulating, Isolating and Protecting, steel or other surfaces in sensitive food handling and critical high temperature applications.

    Its properties make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications including:

    • Autoclave door seals
    • Oven Door seals
    • Dryer Seals
    • Electrical and lighting fixture seals
    • Dust collector door seals
    • Weatherproof seals
    • Insulating strip
    • Isolation barriers
    • Food storage bin seals
    • Food processing equipment seals
    • Variety of sealing applications