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    Rubber is a product which is extremely versatile by its nature. Its natural properties mean it is flexible, compressible and abrasion resistant. The addition of synthetic rubber polymers allows for extra physical properties such as resistance to oils, chemicals, temperature and UV. Ceramic tiles are added to further improve abrasion resistance and to increase the wear-life of the product.

    Reglin use a variety of different rubber polymers and combination of ceramic tiles to ensure they have a comprehensive range of products to meet the ever evolving industry demands.


    Specific application requirements will ultimately define the most suitable product to be used but as a general guide our range is classified in terms of physical properties and suitability to their designed application if applicable.

    Highest grade available with excellent physical properties designed for critical applications.
    Sheet rubber products will have the highest polymer content possible to ensure maximum properties of the product.

    Superior grade with good physical properties, designed for specific applications.

    Economical grade with moderate physical properties and is priced accordingly.

    This Product Directory is designed, to be used only, as a guide to assist customers in choosing the appropriate product for their application. This guide is based on technical information, Reglin’s experience and opinions, developed over the years in conjunction with customer demands. For more information or assistance with choosing the right product for your application, please contact Reglin’s experienced team.



    Duro is an abbreviation for Durometer Shore A which is a measure of rubber hardness. Rubber will generally be within a range of 35-70 Duro. 35 Duro being the softest, most flexible and compressible and 70 Duro being the hardest.

    Elastic is a description of the ability of rubber to return to its original form after being subjected to either compression or tension forces. Highly elastic rubber will withstand these forces and be able to return to its original state over a much longer period of time.


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