Anti slip rubber load mat strips securely restrained steel pipes for transport

Reglin custom made heavy duty load restraint rubber strips were used to successfully secure a load of large steel pipes being transported via road train to a remote construction site.


Heavy duty and high friction load bearing rubber strips were required for load restraint.

A large quantity of steel pipes needed to be transported long distances via road train from the manufacturer to their installation locations throughout remote outback Queensland. It would be the longest steel pipe load ever to be transported in Australia.

Securing the load of slippery pipes to the trailer deck and to each other was a critical factor to the successful safe transport and on-time delivery of the pipes for the critical time line project.

The customer ultimately needed a solution to restrain the load of pipes using the minimum number of lashings whilst ensuring no load shift during the long transport journeys.

Project deadlines demanded a solution which could be supplied quickly.


Custom cut high grade Natural rubber strips were supplied to meet load restraint requirements.

Reglin Rubber supplied custom-made heavy-duty load bearing rubber strips to be laid on the steel deck of the transport truck and between the layers of steel pipes being transported to assist in the restraint of the load.

The premium heavy duty load mat strips, engineered from Natural 60 HG Rubber Sheet stocked in our Melbourne warehouse, were 25mm thick x 150mm wide and were extremely durable, enough to last the required multiple long-haul journeys.

The thickness, compressibility and high friction surface of the load mat rubber strips allowed for a huge increase in the coefficient friction between the smooth steel surfaces and, when lashed, ensured a completely secured load.  Independent certification of Reglin Load Mat in accordance with the NTC Load Restraint guide ensured the customer did not have any issues with local road Authorities throughout the long-haul journey.

The result of using Reglin load restraint rubber strips was the successful transportation of the full load of pipes safely and securely to their required remote location and successful completion of their project by the customer. The load mat strips performed to meet the customers’ expectations.