Fire resistant, Low Smoke, Low Toxic EPDM Rubber Sheet - Premium
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    Fire resistant, Low Smoke, Low Toxic EPDM Rubber Sheet – Premium

    60 Duro, Fire-resistant, Low Smoke, Low Toxic, EPDM Rubber

    Reglin Fire resistant EPDM Rubber is a black premium grade 60 Duro EPDM rubber sheet which is designed to be low smoke and low toxic. It is independently tested and approved to EN 45545-2:2013 + A1:2015 for fire protection of railway vehicles.

    Fire resistant EPDM has good physical properties including mechanical strength and excellent UV resistance making it suitable for sealing, insulating and isolating applications where fire proofing and smoke and toxic fume suppression are critical such as transport vehicle or building construction.

    Technical Information

    PolymerFire Resistant EPDM
    ColourBlack with fabric finish both sides
    Specific Gravity1.51ISO 1183
    Hardness60° ± 5° Shore AISO 7619-1
    Tensile Strength5 MPa (min)ISO 37
    Elongation @ Break400% (min)ISO 37
    Compression Set (24hrs @ 70°C)16%ISO 815A
    Tear Strength5 N/mm (min)ISO 34-1A
    Electrical Volume Resistivity1.5 x 1014 ohm cmIEC 60093
    Ozone ResistanceResult “Resistant”

    Available Sizes


    Fire resistant EPDM Rubber sheet is custom manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your application and can be supplied in a range of thicknesses and roll sizes. Minimum order quantities and lead times will apply to this product.
    Sheet rubber can be supplied in cut lengths, strips, pads and a wide variety of custom cut shapes and gaskets to meet your requirements.

    Fire resistant low smoke low toxic EPDM rubber sheet


    Reglin Fire resistant EPDM Rubber Sheet has been designed primarily for use as a flexible strip, pad, lining, gasket or curtain. It is mainly used for Sealing, Insulating, Isolating and protecting steel or other surfaces in the Rail industry during the manufacture of Railway vehicles which need to meet the highest fire, smoke and toxic fume propagation regulations. It can also be used for any application which requires a Fire resistant rubber. Its properties make it suitable for a number of applications including:

    • Gaskets and Seals
    • Transfer and joining sleeves
    • Weatherproof flashing
    • Insulating strip
    • Isolation barriers
    • Fire resistant Dust covers exposed to extreme weathering and operating temperatures.
    • Variety of sealing applications


    • Construction
    • Oil & Gas
    • Manufacturing
    • Defence
    • Transport