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    Mining and Quarrying

    Abrasion and Impact resistant rubber, ceramic and plastic products for wear protection, flow promotion and sealing solutions in the Mining and Quarrying Industry

    Reglin’s premium rubber, composite ceramic and plastic products are an ideal solution for many applications in the Mining and Quarrying Industries, including: wear and impact protection, ore containment, flow promotion and sealing.

    The Australian & global Mining and Quarrying industries are often faced with costly complicated challenges and need to ensure they remain competitive in the market place. It is critical that Mining and Quarrying operations run efficiently whilst also maintaining the health and safety of employees and minimising the impact on the environment.

    Operating in extreme temperatures in some of the harshest and most remote locations in the world, plant and equipment are often pushed to their limits, whilst extracting, handling and processing large heavy loads of varying types of ore; from highly abrasive mineral sands or coal to sharp and hard rock and stone.

    The effects of the heavy impact and high abrasion of the ore can cause damage and unwanted downtime to plant and equipment, whilst also posing a constant risk to the health and safety of employees and the environment, from dangerous spillage and the creation of noise and dust.

    Reglin understands that it is critical to the Mining and Quarrying industries that these effects are minimised to ensure operations can operate efficiently and safely with maximum productivity.


    Protection of Mining & Quarrying equipment from wear and impact
    Mining and Quarrying operations require a wide range of screening, crushing and conveying equipment to extract, handle and process ore. This plant and equipment, including both fixed and mobile, is often subjected to extremely high wear and impact loads during operation. These effects can cause damage to both steel surfaces and the underlying structural components of plant and equipment, potentially causing unwanted downtime and loss of production or potentially dangerous spillage. Rubber, composite ceramic and plastic liners effectively protect equipment from constant wear and impact.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of flexible and elastic linings such as rubber, composite ceramic and plastic which are an effective solution for reducing the effects of constant wear and impact to your equipment. These premium linings are renowned for their abrasion and impact resistant properties which not only resist the wear of the ore but also absorb its energy, and in turn reduce the high impact effect on the plant and equipment.

    Flow promotion in chutes and transfer points to avoid build-up
    For Mining and Quarrying operations to run efficiently, ore must flow through extraction, handling and processing equipment quickly and evenly. Many factors disrupt even flow including: ore type, moisture content and plant design.  In some equipment; typically, at transfer points or loading chutes, the velocity of the ore is reduced and begins to build up, reducing or even stopping flow. This build up effect (caking) reduces throughput and can cause unwanted downtime and loss of production to clear out ore, unblocking equipment.

    Anti-stick wear linings such as UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and Polyurethane can be an effective solution to reduce build up and caking in these transfer points and loading chutes. These linings have a low surface friction coefficient and promote flow by reducing the ability of the ore to stick to the surface and causing eventual build up.

    Effective ore containment between chutes and at transfer points
    Mining and Quarrying operations are made up of many individual pieces of plant and equipment, which are all required to have ore flow transfer from one to another during operation. These operations can be a combination of both stationary parts such as chutes and hoppers and moving parts such as conveyors, vibrating feeders and screens. In most cases space for movement between these parts of equipment is required and open transfer and discharge points are created. These points are typically where most loss of ore occurs and in many applications these parts are subjected to high wear and impact during operation, risking damage and potentially dangerous spillage.

    The flexibility and elastic properties of rubber and plastic linings make them an ideal solution for these applications as they can stretch and compress to allow for constant sealing between parts of moving plant and equipment, whilst their abrasion and impact resistant properties minimise the wear and impact of the ore.

    Reglin offer a range of different premium wear and impact resistant rubber sealing products that are very effective for ore containment applications.

    Noise Reduction
    The movement of ore through Mining and Quarrying plant and equipment can be extremely noisy when high volumes of hard rock ore flows through and impacts the steel surfaces of screening, crushing and processing equipment. These extreme noise levels can be both a health and safety risk for employees and can also cause issues with local authorities if operating within residential or business areas.

    Rubber lining equipment is an effective solution to reduce these noise levels as the rubber acts as an insulating layer between the ore and the steel surfaces of the equipment, absorbing the energy of the ore as it impacts. Reglin offer a range of premium wear resistant rubber lining and mechanically fastened rubber liner options to install into equipment.

    Dust emission management and reduction in air pollution
    The processing of dry ore in Mining and Quarrying equipment unavoidably generates a large amount of dust and fine particles, especially in vibrating equipment such as screens and feeders or transfer points from chutes onto conveyors etc. This dust can escape from the equipment through even the smallest of gaps and poses a serious risk to the health and safety of employees and the environment.

    The EPA in Australia have strict air quality management regulations for each state for the Mining and Quarrying Industries. It is critically important to thoroughly understand your state’s legislative requirements for dust reduction and other emissions during operation.  For EPA Victoria’s requirement, click here.

    Rubber products can be used as an effective solution in many applications to seal equipment, reducing escaping dust. Its flexibility and compressibility allows it to seal gaps between stationary and moving parts. Reglin offer a range of Rubber dust sealing products including a specifically designed Rubber Dust Sealing System which uses a combination of Rubber Dust Sealing Cloth and Rubber Grip Strip to create a totally sealed, dust encapsulating system on equipment.

    Reglin is able to design and supply a mechanical fastened mounting system specific for your equipment which can be retrofitted in-situ to allow this dust sealing system to be installed.

    Conveyor system feeding ore to storage hopper at Iron Ore Mine

    Conveyor belt driven by Cera-grip ceramic lagged drive pulley in dusty conditions at hard rock quarry