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    Mineral Processing

    Reglin understands in a competitive global market, it is critical that Mineral Processing operations run efficiently but also maintain the health and safety of employees and minimise impact on the environment, with the need for less downtime and increased productivity.

    This industry operates in some of the harshest and remote locations in the world. Complex plant and processing equipment is used to transform large heavy loads of varying types of ore into a finished quality product, critical to an operations profitability.

    The varying form of processed ore poses a range of different risks to different parts of equipment.

    The effects of constant heavy impact of the ore during screening, crushing and conveying can not only cause damage and unwanted downtime to dry processing equipment but also poses a constant risk to the health and safety of the operators and the environment from dangerous spillage and the creation of noise and dust.

    The high speeds and flow rates of ore being processed as a slurry can not only cause wear damage to wet processing equipment but with the introduction of chemicals and heat into the process there is constant risk of corrosion and dangerous leaking.

    It is crucial to Mineral Processing industries that these effects are minimized to ensure operations are running efficiently and safely.

    Our range of high quality, wear and corrosion resistant rubber and composite ceramic products provide a range of solutions for Wear and Corrosion Protection, Insulating and Sealing applications to ensure the productivity and longevity your equipment and health and safety of employees.