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    Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical

    High quality safe and reliable rubber products for sealing and wear protection solutions in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

    Reglin’s premium food safe rubber products are an ideal solution for critical applications in the clean and hygienic environments demanded by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

    The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries all strictly require that environments are kept clean and hygienic to minimise contamination to finished products.  Equipment used in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting or holding food are required to meet a range of food safety standards.

    Rubber products which are used as components on this equipment that is intended for repeated use must meet its own strict criteria to reduce the risk of contamination. To mitigate this risk is critical that only the highest quality premium food safe rubber products are used.

    Reglin premium food safe rubber products are a safe and reliable solution for many sealing and wear protection applications in these industries.  All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with FDA regulations and a range of global food manufacturing standards.

    Reglin understands that it is critical to the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries that all contamination risks are minimised, ensuring safe and clean environments and maximum productivity.


    Compliance with food safety standard regulations
    The food industry in Australia is governed by its own set of Food safety standards which set out a range of requirements in relation to food premises and equipment.   These requirements include general guidance about using materials on equipment which will come in contact with food and the reduction in risk of contamination.

    It is critical that all rubber products used in the food and drink industry are suitable for their intended application and comply with the relevant food safety standards. When assessing the suitability of rubber products for use in these food contact applications international standards such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are used.

    The FDA jurisdiction is restricted to the United States, however FDA regulations are commonly accepted as the basic international control standards.  Rubber products which are used as components of articles intended for repeated use must comply with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

    European Food safety standards such as EC 1935:2004 and the Bfr (German food safety standard) are also commonly used globally for rubber suitability assessment.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of high-quality premium rubber products which conform to these food safety standards including sheeting, cords, seals and custom-made sleeves and expansion joints.

    Reducing risk of contamination
    Increasing legislation demands that all food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturers take all necessary measures possible to ensure the health and safety of consumers.  It is critical to this health and safety of consumers that throughout the manufacturing process product contamination is eliminated.

    Rubber products are used on equipment throughout these processes for sealing and other wear protection applications and in many cases come in direct contact with products. This poses risks of elastomeric contamination in multiple ways.

    Standard rubber products contain a range of ingredients and chemicals which are used during their manufacture to ensure they achieve their required properties.  These ingredients and chemicals can be extremely harmful if consumed and even through contact with food drink or pharmaceutical products can cause serious contamination.

    Reglin offer a range of Food safe rubber products which reduces this risk of contamination.

    We have a comprehensive range of FDA compliant silicone rubber products.  These silicone rubber products are the safest in the market and are regularly tested and fully conform to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.  This makes them suitable for repeated use in applications in contact with food; including aqueous and fatty foods.

    For extra protection many food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes use metal detectors to identify potential contamination from equipment in the product.  If any metallic part from equipment has worn or broken and gone into the food it will be detected and the contaminated product can be identified and disposed of.

    Reglin offer a range of specially formulated food safe metal detectable rubber products which act in the same way.  If any gasket or sealing material is worn or damaged and taints the product it will be identified by the metal detectors.  This completely eliminates the risk of possible elastomeric contamination and makes these products suitable for highly critical applications.

    Safe and hygienic sealing
    It is critical that rubber used for sealing in the clean and hygienic environments required for food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing is the safest it can possibly be.

    Compliance to FDA requirements is an internally regulated process with responsibility on manufacturers to ensure ingredients meet the requirements and also that regular internal testing is performed to ensure extraction limits are being met.

    To meet industry economic demands many “FDA” products on the market are now manufactured in unregulated and questionable facilities.

    Reglin Food safe silicone products are manufactured in Europe under the European manufacturing standard EC 2023:2006.  To maintain quality all products are subjected to regular internal testing as well as periodic independent audits.

    Reglin Food safe silicone rubber products are all post cured to remove volatile gasses to conform to EC 1935:2004 and the Bfr as well as FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

    Food grade silicone rubber transfer sleeve on food handling screw conveyor

    Food grade white Nitrile sealing gaskets on food handling transfer chutes

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