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    Agriculture and Livestock

    Durable and flexible rubber products for wear protection, sealing and insulating solutions in the agriculture and livestock industries

    Reglin’s premium rubber, composite ceramic and plastic products are a long-lasting solution for many applications in the Agriculture and Livestock industries including wear protection, sealing and insulation.

    The Australian agriculture and livestock industries encompass a wide variety of different operations, all facing their own range of complex challenges to ensure they remain competitive and profitable in the global marketplace.  It is critical these operations run efficiently whilst also minimizing harmful impact on the environment and maintaining the health and safety of animals.

    Operating in sometimes extremely remote locations, it is crucial to ensure that limited resources such as water and feed are protected and maximized, and the wellbeing of animals is ensured.

    During harvest, large volumes of crops are required to be processed and transported in a short period of time.  Equipment is often pushed to its limits as it is subjected to extreme wear, potentially causing damage and unwanted downtime, effecting critical timelines and profitability.

    Reglin understands that it is vital to the Agriculture and Livestock industries to have reliable equipment.  Our range of premium products are a durable solution to ensure operations can run safely and efficiently.


    Wear Protection of grain handling equipment
    Grain handling facilities include a wide range of different equipment to receive, store, transport, process and ship bulk raw agricultural grain.  Due to the highly abrasive nature of some types of grain, this equipment is often subjected to extremely high wear during operation.  This effect can damage steel surfaces of equipment potentially causing unwanted downtime and loss of production or possibly dangerous spillage.  Rubber, composite ceramic and plastic liners effectively protect equipment from abrasion.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of flexible and elastic linings such as rubber, composite ceramic and plastic which are an effective solution for reducing the effects of constant wear to your grain handling equipment.

    Sealing of water supply equipment
    A constant and reliable water supply is a critical requirement for any agricultural operation.  This includes irrigation systems for watering crops and drinking water supply for livestock.  In the current climate it is crucial to sustainability that all water supplies are utilized.  It is important that all water supply and storage equipment is sealed correctly to minimize leaking and wastage.   Rubber products are an effective solution for sealing in a wide variety of water supply applications.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of UV stable premium rubber products which will display excellent weather resistance and offer longevity in outdoor agricultural water sealing applications.  These include water pipe and tank sealing gaskets, profiled irrigation seals and irrigation stop gate rubber.


    Livestock safety and comfort
    In the modern livestock industry, animal wellbeing is a critical factor for a safe, efficient and sustainable operation.  Slippery and uneven floor surfaces such as concrete, timber and steel grating are dangerous and can cause unwanted stress or serious harm to animals.   It is important for both cattle welfare and the safety of staff that the risk of cattle slipping is reduced.

    Installing a non-slip rubber matting is an effective solution to improve livestock safety, giving cattle increased cushion under foot and traction during movement, reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

    Reglin premium livestock rubber floor matting is a durable solution for cattle handling and processing applications.  It is suitable for use in Dairies, Sale yards, Feedlots, cattle transport yards and trucks.

    Grain handling facility pipes and storage silos

    Grain Transfer chute ceramic lined in Cera-Wear Ceramic Wear Liners

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