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    Power Generation

    Reglin understands in a competitive global market, it is critical that power generation operations run efficiently but also maintains the health and safety of its employees and minimises the impact on the environment, with the need for less downtime and increased productivity.

    Power stations contain complex plant and equipment, which can be required to operate at high temperatures but also can be exposed to a range of chemicals including acids and alkalis.

    The furnaces that contain burners operating at extreme temperatures, require a range of heat resistant rubber seals and rubber expansions joints for plant and equipment.

    Cooling water demineralisation systems used to treat cooling water for re-use or discharge to the environment, require a wide range of chemical resistant rubber seals and linings to protect the build up of scale and corrosion due to chemical attack.

    It is imperative that flue gas desulphurisation systems work to capacity, to ensure the removal of unwanted sulphur dioxide from exhaust emissions before being discharged to the environment. These systems require a range of chemical resistant seals and linings for scrubbers and ductwork.

    It is crucial to the power generation industries that all critical seals and linings are ideally suited and updated regularly to ensure operations are running efficiently and safely.

    The effects of corrosion due to chemical attack poses a constant risk to the health and safety of operators and the environment from dangerous leaking or spillage.

    Reglin takes pride in supplying a range of, stocked, high quality, wear and corrosion resistant rubber lining and sealing products to ensure your power generation equipment has the ultimate productivity and longevity and also ensures the health and safety of your workers. Our expert knowledge and ability to supply custom made heat and chemical resistant rubber fabricated items, provide a range of solutions for wear protection, corrosion protection, sealing and insulating applications.