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    FRAS Rubber for Underground Coal Mines

    The operation of underground coal mines poses a high number of risks not associated with above ground or open cut Mining and Quarrying processes. Equipment and employees are required to operate underground in harsh and dangerous conditions facing hazards such as suffocation, gas poisoning, roof collapse, rock burst and outburst and gas explosions.

    The process of extraction also creates a large amount of unwanted coal dust, which can cause a volatile condition for fire potential. To reduce this risk to employees and manage the safety of underground coal mines, the Mines Safety Department created a number of Mine Design Guidelines (MDG’s) to regulate equipment and materials which can be utilised.

    Rubber is used throughout underground coal mining on a range of equipment to seal, insulate, isolate, silence or repair and is ideally suited due to its nature of flexibility and durability. It is mainly used on conveyor systems as impact curtains, conveyor skirts or dust seals. Underground mining vehicles utilise rubber for mud flaps, exhaust hoses, engine covers or protection curtains and shields; and for ventilation systems as fan housing seals, ductwork seals or vent bands.

    To dramatically reduce the risk of fire and explosion in this highly volatile environment, rubber must be both fire resistant, to control its ignitability and flame propagation in case of fire, and anti-static, to reduce the risk of static electricity build-up and sparking causing the ignition of a fire.

    Rubber which, should be used each and every time for these applications is regulated by Mine Design Guideline MDG 3608 NON METALLIC MATERIALS FOR USE IN UNDERGROUND COAL MINES and depending on the particular application must meet specific testing requirements.

    Reglin supply a range of stocked and custom made Fire Resistant, Anti-Static (FRAS) rubber products for the specific use in underground coal mines, independently tested to Mines Safety Departments standards and certified to MDG 3608, to give you peace of mind.

    Products can be supplied to meet customer drawings and specifications or custom engineered to ensure maximum suitability for your specific application.