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    Rubber for Construction Isolation Barriers

    Construction projects require a wide variety of different materials to be used and are subjected to a vast range of environments. How these materials perform and interact with each other depend greatly on their properties and environment they are exposed to. It is critical to the integrity and longevity of the structure being constructed that, anything which, needs to be isolated is done using the highest quality products suited to the application.

    Rubber Isolation Barriers are an integral part of construction for a variety of safety and environmental reasons. They can be used on numerous applications within a structure, to isolate metallic construction materials which may be affected by galvanic corrosion, isolate employees from risk of electric shock or isolate structures from vibration.

    Rubber Isolation Barriers are also viable to be used to isolate the existing environment from contamination from construction such as, air, noise or water pollution and can be used underground as dam liners or above ground as barrier wall seals.

    These barriers can also be used to protect surrounding wildlife when building structures such as bridges and roads in sensitive environmental areas by utilising frog fencing isolation rubber. This rubber is used at the base of all barrier fencing to ensure frogs cannot enter through the fencing.

    Reglin supply a range of premium long lasting flexible rubber products for isolation barriers in construction. We can supply barriers custom cut to the size, ready for easy installation, reducing construction time on site and reducing potential hazardous risks.

    Our comprehensive range of products means, we can specify the right rubber isolation barrier thickness and compound to meet the specific requirements of the application, ensuring suitability and longevity of the barrier.