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    Rubber Liners for Wear Protection

    Mining and Quarrying equipment operates in some of the harshest and remote locations. It is crucial to the Mining and Quarrying industries that this equipment continues to operate efficiently and its lifecycle is maximised to minimise down time. By appropriately protecting equipment from the heavy impact and wear during extraction, crushing, screening and conveying ensures better equipment longevity. It also eliminates the risk of dangerous spillage and unwanted noise and dust.

    Wear Liners are used throughout Mining and Quarrying to protect the steel surfaces of equipment from the wear and impact of ore. They can be used on feed and discharge chutes on crushers, screens and mills or any high wear areas including transfer chutes, bins and hoppers or trunnions.

    Rubber Wear Liners are ideally suited for wear protection of this equipment due to their ability to absorb the energy forces of the ore as it impacts the Rubber Wear Liner, reducing both the wearing effect on the lined surface but also decreasing damaging vibration on the equipment structure. This Wear Liner also reduces noise and stops unwanted dust, reducing both environmental and safety issues for operators.

    Reglin supply a range of custom made Rubber Wear Liners made from premium grade, wear and impact resistant rubber. These products are designed to be mechanically fastened onto equipment for quick and easy replacement and can be supplied as standard panels or custom made to suit the shape of your equipment.

    Rubber Wear Liners can be supplied to meet customer drawings and specifications or can be custom engineered to ensure maximum suitability for your specific application.

    Reglin Rubber Wear Liners last longer, requiring less change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment.