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    Rubber Sealing for Dust and Spillage

    Mining and Quarrying equipment operates in some of the driest and hottest locations and is often required to process harsh ores. It is critical to Mining and Quarrying processes that this equipment is operating safely and in consideration of its surrounding environment. The processes of extraction, crushing, screening and conveying create a large amount of unwanted dust and noise and with equipment constantly moving and transferring ore, pose a constant hazard to employees from dangerous spillage.

    Rubber is used throughout Mining and Quarrying to seal the equipment from ore or dust being released. This rubber is ideal for usage around screens and conveyor system transfer points when equipment is processing dry ore. It can be used as a deflector plate, impact curtain or skirt board to ensure material flows in the required direction. It can also be used as a sealing skirting strip or curtain, designed to safeguard ore and dust from escaping and is also ideal for containment systems to ensure a piece of equipment is sealed to encapsulate dust.

    Rubber is ideally suited for these sealing applications due its wear, impact and UV resistance. This combined with rubber’s flexible and compressible nature allow it adjust and flex with operational equipment and varying conditions to ensure a constant seal. This results in not only eliminating unwanted dust and spillage but also decreases noise, reducing both environmental and safety issues for operators.

    Reglin supply a range of custom made rubber sealing products, made from premium grade, wear, impact and UV resistant rubber. These products are designed, to be installed in a variety of ways and are ideal for the diverse requirements of Mining and Quarrying equipment and processes.

    Dust sealing solutions and products, can be supplied to meet customer drawings and specifications or can be custom engineered to ensure maximum sealing for your specific application.

    Reglin Rubber Sealing products last longer and seal better, ensuring your worksite is a cleaner, safer environment and requiring less change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment.