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    Premium Chutex 40 Rubber For Drill Rod Seals

    Mining exploration, grade control and blast hole drill rigs operate in some of the harshest and remote locations. It is crucial to mining processes that this equipment operates efficiently and therefore it is important that all consumable parts are high quality and hard wearing.

    Drilling Rig Diverter Boxes are an integral part of drilling equipment and seal against the drill rod to deflect unwanted drilled ore materials and to stop them from escaping, causing both environmental and safety issues for the operators.

    Rubber Drill Rod Seals are designed to wipe the drill rod pipe as it is lowered and raised throughout the drilling process and is crucial to the sealing process during drilling. Changing out of these drill rod seals can often be difficult to perform and time consuming, causing unwanted downtime.

    Reglin supply a range of custom made Drill Rod Seals made from premium highly flexible, wear and tear resistant Chutex 40 rubber. The flexibility of premium Chutex 40 rubber allows the drill head to penetrate without tearing the seal, whilst still creating a capping seal on the drill rod. The premium quality rubber of the seal lasts longer under the constant abrasion effects of the sliding rod during drilling, compared to those of lesser rubber quality.

    Reglin Drill Rod Seals can be supplied in a range of thicknesses and custom cut to the exact profile required for your diverter box and drill pipe size.

    Reglin Premium Chutex 40 Drill Rod seals last longer, which means less required drill rod seal change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your drill rig.