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    FDA Compliant Silicone Rubber Safe for Sealing on Food Processing Equipment

    Reglin post cured and FDA compliant premium grade Silicone rubber is a safe solution for critical sealing applications on food and beverage manufacturing and handling equipment.


    Sealing products used in food and beverage manufacturing applications pose a risk of contaminating finished goods.

    Rubber products are used for a wide variety of sealing applications on equipment in food and beverage manufacturing and handling facilities.  Rubber is required for use in these applications for its flexibility and will often seal between rigid surfaces or different parts of equipment.  These applications typically include gaskets, door seals, bellows, o-rings, skirts, flaps and transfer sleeves.

    Rubber products contain a range of ingredients and chemicals which are used during their manufacture.  Some of these ingredients and chemicals can be extremely harmful if consumed and even through contact with foodstuffs can cause serious contamination.

    Rubber seals pose a risk of contamination to finished goods predominantly in 2 ways.

    Contact Contamination

    During service many rubber seals will come into direct contact with the goods being processed.  This repeated contact of the rubber with foodstuffs can cause contamination from both the ingredients within the rubber and also chemicals which may be present on the surface.

    The curing process which occurs during the manufacturing of rubber products exposes it to elevated temperatures and pressures.  These temperatures create an unintentional bi product of chemicals that comes to the surface of the rubber called volatiles.  These volatiles act as receptor sites for bacteria and can also taint foodstuffs.

    Elastomeric Contamination

    Many applications also result in the rubber seal being compressed and stretched or exposed to wear and tear.  This causes physical stress and potential damage to the rubber product.  These effects can cause tiny pieces of the rubber to break off into the foodstuffs being processed and cause elastomeric contamination.


    Reglin premium FDA Compliant Silicone rubber products are food safe and reduce the risk of contamination.

    Using the correct food grade rubber product for your sealing application will ensure a safe and reliable solution.

    Reglin Silicone products are manufactured in Europe and are the safest on the market.

    FDA compliant

    Reglin FDA Compliant Silicone products are regularly tested and conform to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.  This includes testing to ensure it meets FDA extractable limits for both aqueous and fatty foods.

    Low Extractable Levels

    Reglin Silicone products extractable levels are extremely low which confirms that chemicals will not leach into a liquid foodstuff. This makes our Silicone products extremely safe and suitable for repeated use for applications that come in contact with food, including aqueous and fatty foods.   Reglin silicone is manufactured in Europe under the European manufacturing standard EC 2023/2006.  To maintain quality all products are subjected to regular internal testing as well as periodic independent audits.

    Post Cured

    Reglin FDA Compliant Silicone products are fully post cured.  Post curing burns off unwanted volatiles and is an essential process required to achieve an ultimately clean and food safe rubber product.  They are tested and conform to the requirements of BfR (German Food Standard) and EC 1935: 2004 (European Food Standard) which both include test requirements to demonstrate you have burned off the peroxide volatiles to the absolute maximum allowable limit of 0.5%.

    Reglin Metal detectable Silicone products offer extra protection against elastomeric contamination.

    Legislation demands that food manufacturers take the necessary measures to detect contamination and ensure consumer health and safety.

    For extra protection many food and beverage manufacturing facilities use metal detectors to identify potential contamination from equipment in the product.  If any metallic part from equipment has worn or broken and gone into the foodstuff, it will be detected and the contaminated product can be identified and disposed of.

    Reglin offer a range of FDA compliant ‘food industry blue’ metal detectable Silicone products.  These products display a high magnetic pull strength and will suit a wide range of detector equipment and applications.  This means that even the smallest particle of rubber can be identified by the metal detectors, eliminating the risk of possible elastomeric contamination.

    Magnetic pull strength results have been tested to conditions developed in conjunction with market leading metal detection equipment manufacturers and are based on our experience in industry applications.  Independent testing is also performed to ensure conformance of our products; however, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure Metal detectable products are compatible with their detection equipment and suit their intended application.


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