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    Silicone Rubber for Safe Sealing in Food and Pharmaceutical

    Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing industries are required to operate within the strictest health and safety regulations. It is critical to these processes that equipment is operating efficiently and that they remain free from possible dangerous contamination.

    Rubber is used throughout these industries to seal, insulate, silence or repair process equipment. It is critical that this rubber meets the industries exacting demands to eliminate the risk of contamination. The Food Safety Standards are rigid in their demands and expect industry to comprehend and adhere to their demands. Reglin has developed a rubber range to meet these demands with variety of food safe levels.

    Legislation states that rubber which is intended for repeated use in long term contact with food needs to, as a minimum, be FDA Compliant and must conform to the requirements of FDA regulations 21 CRF 177.2600. This means it has to be made from ingredients that are listed by and in proportions approved by the FDA.

    Critical applications which require a higher level of cleanliness or are intended to operate in higher temperature conditions need to be silicone rubber which meets much stricter requirements. In particular these requirements focus on volatile loss and extractable levels.

    Volatile loss is the amount of chemicals that escape from rubber when it is subjected to increased temperatures and extractable levels are the amount of chemicals that can escape into a liquid from the rubber when it is in prolonged contact with that liquid.

    In order to meet volatile loss and extractable level requirements, Reglin Silicone Rubber is post cured to ensure that anything in the silicone that could react from exposure to heat for instance, has already reacted, rendering the product much more stable.

    Global demand for Silicone Sheeting and products has seen some new suppliers gravitate to supply to these industries providing products that are far below the quality standards that we take for granted. Their production practises and end products are not regulated and pose a dangerous risk to both employees and the public’s health and well-being.

    Reglin supply a range of industry standard, safe, silicone rubber products and solutions, which are independently tested to give you peace of mind. Our Silicone sheeting complies with the requirements issued by the US FDA, BfR, UK WRAS as well as EC food safety regulations. All our Silicone Sheeting is regularly tested every 3 months and exceeds the minimum standards laid down by the above regulatory bodies.