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    Chemical Resistant Rubber Lining for Power Station Corrosion Protection

    Rubber Lining is used to protect cooling water system equipment from corrosion.

    Cooling water systems are an integral part of any power station including coal and gas fuelled plants. It is critical to the operation of power stations that these systems run continuously and efficiently. Cooling water systems are subjected to corrosion and need to be protected from chemical attacks by both acids and alkalis and also the effects of salt water cooling systems.

    Chemical resistant rubber lining is used throughout power stations as a protective coating of steel surfaces from corrosion and wear. Rubber lining is used for equipment such as pumps, agitators and pipework throughout the cooling water systems. It can also be used to line pipes and storage tanks, for acids and alkalis used in cooling water demineralization systems.

    Reglin supply a range of premium corrosion resistant natural and synthetic rubber linings for chemical protection. The type of rubber lining required is based on the design life required and is determined by the operating temperature, type and concentration of chemicals present. It is also critical in chemical lining applications, that the integrity of the rubber lining ensures that products have low permeability.

    Reglin Lining rubber products are a high quality, long lasting solution for chemical resistant lining applications, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment. Reglin’s diverse range of rubber lining products, knowledge and experience, means we can always offer the best solution for your chemical resistant rubber lining application.