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    Ceramic Wear Liners

    Reglin Rubber stocks a wide range of high quality premium wear and impact resistant composite
    Ceramic Liners made of high grade wear resistant ceramic tiles embedded within a rubber matrix.

    Reglin has a comprehensive Ceramic wear liner range including Ceramic Wear pads with bonding layer for Ceramic lining applications and Ceramic Wear plates with vulcanised steel backing designed to be mechanically fastened and easily replaced liners.

    All Reglin CERA-WEAR Ceramic wear liners are stocked as plain panels but can also be supplied as custom cut elements in specific shapes and sizes, ready for installation into equipment. Their vast stock holding means they always have the right product for their customers’ needs and can supply on time.

    Reglin’s application and manufacturing experience also allows them to custom design, engineer and manufacture speciality ceramic lining products to meet their customer’s specific requirements.