Bostik 9300 Rubber Primer

Bostik 9300 is a two-part solvent based rubber primer.


Bostik 9300 priming system is made from a mixture of a liquid Part A and powder based Part B.

Once mixed together it is designed for use as an easy to apply single coat rubber primer which chemically etches the surface of the rubber to improve bond strength with Cold bonding adhesives.

Bostik 9300 can be applied by wiping onto the rubber surface


Bostik 9300 Rubber Primer has been designed primarily for use as rubber primer.

It is designed primarily to prepare buffed rubber surfaces before the application of cold bonding adhesives.

Bostik 9300 is predominantly used in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries, typically for rubber lining applications.  It can also be used universally for a range of other general rubber priming and bonding applications.


GLBOS9300ABBostik 9300 Primer Kit (Includes 5LT Part A + 100G Part B)5 kgs