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    Adhesive and Sealants

    High-performance rubber bonding adhesives and sealants

    Reglin adhesives, primers and sealants are an effective solution for a wide range of rubber bonding and sealing applications.  Our range of bonding and sealing systems are designed for high strength and durability in a range of critical applications.

    Reglin Rubber stocks a specific range of rubber bonding adhesives and high-performance sealants for a variety of applications.   Our range of adhesive systems are specifically designed for bonding rubber to a wide range of different materials including steel, fabric and other rubber surfaces.  These adhesive systems are also specially formulated to achieve ultimate adhesion when used with our CN bonding layer. This CN bonding layer is available as a feature on many products in our range.

    Reglin adhesives and primers are can be supplied in small tins or larger cans depending on the size of the job and area being bonded.  High performance sealants are available in range of tubes to suit standard caulking guns for easy application.


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