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    RE Sponge Rubber Sheet – Premium

    Abrasion Resistant, Impact Resistant, UV Resistant, Closed Cell, Elastomeric Rubber Foam

    Reglin RE Sponge Rubber is a black, premium grade, abrasion and impact resistant, closed cell Elastomeric Sponge Rubber Sheet. It has excellent mechanical strength and is both flexible and highly resilient with very good recovery and rebound.

    RE Sponge Rubber Sheet is extremely tough and is suitable for applications, which require long term recovery after continual cycles of compression.

    Technical Information

    Hardness40-55° Shore 00ASTM 2240
    Elongation Ratio250%ASTM D412
    Tensile Strength4.5 kg/cm2ASTM D412
    Tear Strength2.2 kg/cmASTM D624
    Compression Strength 25%30 kg/cm2ASTM D1056
    Compression Set32%ASTM D1056
    Compression Deflection25-35 kPa
    Density45 ±5 kg/m2ASTM D3575
    Thermal Conductivity0.0415 W/m.kASTM C518-10
    Noise Reduction (5mm thick foam)200 Hz : 2 odB 300 Hz : 3 odBASTM E336
    Water Absorption0.010 g/cm3ASTM D570
    Linear Shrinkage 70°C / 4H%±5
    Operating Temperature100°C ± 10°C
    UV ResistanceExcellent
    Flammability UL94-134.9mm/min

    Available Sizes

    STANDARD THICKNESSAny thickness 3mm - 65mm
    STANDARD SHEET SIZE1100mm x 2300mm

    Cut lengths, strips and custom shapes are available upon request Sheets can be supplied with adhesive backing upon request

    Premium Grade Polyethylene Sponge Rubber Sheet


    RE Sponge Rubber has been designed primarily for use as a compressible strip, pad, lining or gasket. It is mainly used for sealing or protecting steel or other surfaces in applications, which incur multiple compressions during service. Its properties make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications including:

    • Shock absorbing chute linings
    • Door seals
    • Hatch seals
    • Expansion joints
    • Weather seals
    • Variety of sealing applications


    • Mining & Quarrying
    • Mineral Processing
    • Construction
    • Oil & Gas
    • Manufacturing
    • Defence
    • Agriculture