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    FRAS 60 Skirting Rubber


    Reglin FRAS Skirting Rubber is black, premium grade, 60 Duro synthetic rubber strip, certified fire resistant and anti static. Independently tested and certified by the Mine Safety Technology Centre it meets MDG 3006 / MDG 3608 NON METALLIC MATERIALS FOR USE IN UNDERGROUND COAL MINES certification and is designed for use as a sealing skirt along conveyor belt on underground conveyor systems.

    FRAS 60 Skirting Rubber has good tear resistance and is designed to be worn by the conveyor belt cover to create a seal once adjusted. This reduces both material spillage and dust escaping but also minimises wear to the conveyor belt cover itself.

    FRAS 60 Skirting Rubber can be supplied as full slabs or as pre-cut skirting rubber strips to suit any standard conveyor system designs, ready for easy installation. It can also be supplied with pre cut holes, slots and bevels, as per specifications and drawings or custom designed to meet any application requirements.

    Technical Information

    Polymer SBR
    Colour Black
    Specific Gravity 1.28 ASTM D297
    Hardness 65° ± 5° Shore A ASTM D2240
    Abrasion 250 mm3 (max) @ 10N ASTM D5963
    Tensile Strength 14 MPa (min) ASTM D412
    Elongation @ Break 300% (min) ASTM D412
    Tear Strength 60 N/mm (min) ASTM D624
    Temperature Range -25°C to +90°C
    Ignitability & Flame Propagation Has a mean persistence time of the flame of ≤30s
    Has a mean persistence time of the afterglow of ≤120s
    Has a mean persistence time of the flame for each individual test piece of ≤45s
    The afterglow persistence time of each test piece is ≤180s
    Oxygen Index The calculated oxygen index is not less than 28%
    Electrical Resistance The mean value for Electrical Resistance on both upper and lower surfaces is not greater than 300 MΩ (300x106 ohms)

    Available Sizes

    STANDARD THICKNESS 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm
    STANDARD ROLL SIZE 1500mm x 30mtrs, 1500mm x 10mtrs (3mm)
    STANDARD STRIP SIZE 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm x 30mtrs

    Cut lengths and custom shapes are available upon request
    Strips can also be supplied at custom widths or with a 45 degree bevel upon request

    Soft Skirting Rubber


    FRAS 60 Skirting Rubber has been designed primarily for use as a sealing side skirt along the conveyor belt on conveyor systems in underground applications. It is ideal for conveyor loading or transfer points in underground mines or construction tunnels but can be used in any application where ignition points and fire potential are a high risk such as grain handling and processing.