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    Electrical Switchboard Matting – Premium

    Electrical Insulating, Certified, Rubber Safety Matting

    Reglin Switchboard Matting is a premium grade, grey rubber matting designed for use as an electrical insulating safety device. It is tested and certified to AS/NZS 2978-1995 INSULATING MATS FOR ELECTRICAL PURPOSES and is designed for use as an isolating safety matting where voltages do not exceed 650V DC or 650V AC RMS. Certification can be supplied upon request.

    Switchboard Matting is supplied with a ribbed profile one side and textured fabric finish on the underside to ensure it is non-slip and is branded to AS/NZS 2978:1995 for easy identification.

    Technical Information

    Specific Gravity1.6ASTM D297
    Hardness70° ± 5° Shore AASTM D2240
    Abrasion550mm3ASTM D5963
    Tensile Strength5 MPa (min)ASTM D412
    Elongation @ Break250% (min)ASTM D412
    Temperature Range-25°C to +70°C
    Tear Strength18Kg/cmASTM D624

    Available Sizes

    STANDARD ROLL SIZE1000mm x 10mtrs

    Switchboard Matting is supplied in rolls or pre cut mats individually tested as per AS/NZS 2978:1995. Cut pieces should be tested to comply with AS/NZS 2978-1975

    Electrical Switchboard Matting - Premium


    Reglin Switchboard matting is designed primarily for use as an electrical insulating rubber barrier for inside or in front of switchboards and electrical equipment. It is classified class A making it suitable for general purpose applications. This matting is mainly designed to protect personnel from electrical shock when possible contact with conductors or electrical equipment whose nominal voltage does not exceed 650V DC or 650V AC RMS between conductors or between conductors and earth.


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    • Mineral Processing
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport