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    Power Generation

    High performance chemical and heat resistant rubber products for sealing and corrosion protection applications in the Power generation industry.

    Reglin’s premium rubber products are an ideal solution for many applications in the power generation industry. These include critical sealing and equipment protection applications exposed to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

    The power generation industry is constantly evolving to utilise new technology and build power generation stations which rely on natural renewable energy rather than the burning of fossil fuels.  It is critical that all fuel burning power station operations continue to run efficiently whilst also maintaining the health and safety of employees and minimising the impact on the environment.

    Fuel burning power stations and in particular coal fired power stations face a wide variety of critical sealing challenges as equipment is exposed to high temperatures from the extreme heat generated in the burners used to create their energy.

    Sealing and corrosion protection is also required on a wide variety of other auxiliary equipment used at power stations including; fuel handling systems, cooling water systems and flue gas emission systems.  All of which face their own individual challenges as they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures and various chemicals.

    Reglin understands that it is critical to the power generation industry that suitable sealing and corrosion protection is achieved to ensure power stations can operate efficiently and safely with maximum productivity and minimal impact to the environment.


    High temperature sealing
    Power station burners generate an extreme amount of heat.  This heat is transferred in many cases to surrounding auxiliary equipment.  It is critical that sealing products on this equipment can operate at these high and often fluctuating temperatures.

    Rubber products with high temperature ratings are a solution for sealing in these applications.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of heat resistant Silicone and Viton rubber sealing products including seals and gaskets and can also supply custom made expansion joints.

    Corrosion protection of water cooling systems
    Cooling water systems are a critical part of any fuel burning power station.  It is imperative that these systems are reliable and run efficiently.  Cooling water systems can use fresh water and salt water, both of which can cause their own set of challenges.

    Water used in cooling systems will often become basic and contain unwanted minerals causing damaging build-up or scaling in cooling water system equipment, resulting in reduced efficiency and corrosion damage.   Cooling water demineralisation systems are often used to treat water for re-use or safe discharge to the environment. These systems add specific chemicals such as acids to balance the water.

    Rubber lining of cooling water system equipment can protect it from both scale build-up and corrosion from chemical attack.  Reglin supply a range of lining rubber suitable for different cooling water systems, including natural rubber linings and heat and chemical resistant Butyl rubber linings.

    Chemical compositions, concentrations and operating temperatures can have a different effect on the performance of rubber lining.  It is critical to ensure that the correct rubber lining is chosen for your specific requirements.  Please contact us for more information about the suitability of rubber linings for your application.

    Flue gas equipment sealing and corrosion protection
    Power stations burning fossil fuels will often have harmful sulphur dioxide in their exhaust emissions.  This sulphur dioxide can react with condensation in emission systems generating corrosion causing sulphurous acid.  Flue gas desulphurisation systems are often used to remove this unwanted sulphur dioxide before it is discharged to the environment.

    It is critical that Flue gas equipment is completely sealed to ensure no sulphur dioxide can escape to the environment and is properly protected to reduce corrosion effects from the acidic environment.  Chemical resistant rubber products are an ideal solution for sealing of flue gas equipment and corrosion protection.

    Reglin offer a range of chemical resistant rubber gaskets, seals, expansion joints, linings and sealants for use on flue gas equipment.

    Coal fired power station with cooling towers and gas flues

    Chemical storage vessel rubber lined in corrosion resistant Butyline

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