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    Oil and Gas

    High performance fuel and chemical resistant rubber products for sealing and corrosion protection applications in the Oil and Gas industry

    Reglin’s premium rubber products are an ideal solution for many applications in the Oil and Gas industry. These include critical sealing and equipment protection applications exposed to high pressures and temperatures as well as petroleum-based fluids and chemicals.

    The oil and gas industries include a wide variety of different operations.  From upstream exploration and production facilities like offshore oil wells and natural gas fields to downstream processing facilities like oil refineries and natural gas purifying plants.  All of these comprise their own critical challenges to ensure safe and efficient operation, whilst maintaining a competitive and profitable position in the global market.

    The oil and gas industry features some of the most extreme working conditions.  Plant and equipment required to extract, transport, store and refine products are often subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressures.  This is combined with exposure to aggressive hydrocarbons in raw petroleum-based products as well as a variety of chemicals during processing. These combined conditions result in a wide variety of critical sealing and corrosion protection application challenges.

    Reglin understands that it is critical to the oil and gas industry that suitable sealing and corrosion protection is achieved to ensure operations can run efficiently and safely with maximum productivity.


    Petroleum and Chemical resistant sealing elastomers

    The oil and gas industries require sealing products for a wide variety of applications on equipment throughout its many processes.  Rubber is primarily used for sealing in completion, wellhead, sampling, stimulation and zonal isolation equipment.

    These applications are often very unique and require a seal which meets a set of specific requirements in regard to operating temperature and pressure.  In many applications’ resistance to petroleum-based products or chemicals are required and in some cases resistance to both combined.

    Due to these requirements, synthetic elastomers are typically used for Oil and Gas applications, each suited to different operating conditions.  Standard elastomer such as EPDM or NBR are commonly used for general purpose applications.

    For applications which demand higher temperature resistance as well as combined petroleum and chemical resistance a specific range of Fluoro-elastomers are required.  FKM is a Fluoro-elastomer designed specifically to provide additional heat and chemical resistance.

    Reglin offers a comprehensive range of premium synthetic elastomers and fluoro- elastomers suitable for Oil and Gas Industry sealing applications.  It is critical to ensure that the correct product is chosen for your specific requirements.  Please contact us for more information about the suitability of our products for your application.



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